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24th December 8.30am - 1pm
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27th December
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28th December 
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31st December
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1st January Closed
2nd January Normal Business Hours

Protective Anti-Virus Software

Over the years, Internet viruses have become increasingly sophisticated, and have developed like diseases to find ways of surviving immunisation. At Reva IT, in Tamworth, we provide updated anti-virus software that aids in the protection of your system.
Man with Laptop - Anti-Virus Software

Many viruses now roam the Internet using random Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the public address of your network, to attack networks which do not have sufficiently resilient anti-virus software. The types of attacks vary, from tracking cookies, adware (pop-up adverts when browsing), Trojans, malware, and phishing viruses that capture your keystrokes when logging into secure sites such as online banking systems.

Your data, secure websites, and bank accounts can all be attacked without your knowledge. The most successful method to prevent this is to install up-to-date, effective anti-virus software to protect any and all computers that have access to the Internet, or even on which you load data from an unproven source, via floppy disc, CD/DVD, or pen drive for example.

Contact us now to discover how anti-virus software protects your computer.