Valuable Remote Computer Access

Being away from your computer often limits access to important documents, and prevents you from completing work when out of the office. At Reva IT, in Seckington, Tamworth, we provide remote computer access, allowing you to work on your computer despite being apart from it.

Woman - Remote Computer Access

Removing the need for work to have to be done by physically attending the office has many advantages for both the employer and employee. Employers will see a decrease in dead commuting time, and experience a reduction in overhead costs as less office space, lighting, and heating is required. There are also environmental benefits, as the employer is creating less carbon emissions by not requiring employees to travel for work.

Remotely accessing your work computer has multiple advantages for the employee, too. The cost of travelling to work is eradicated, and the user is able to work during more flexible working hours, which provides them with a better balance between their life and work.

Microsoft Small Business Server and Windows Server Essentials

Microsoft Small Business Server and Windows Server Essentials contains tools that allow your employees to access their files, applications, and email from their home PC or laptop. The server provides secure access via a web browser.
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